Emily has mediated many of our firm’s claims – she brings expertise, impartiality and a never-give-up attitude to the table in each and every case.  Our claims involve personal injury, often catastrophic.  Feelings can run high, and sometimes relationships are frayed.  There’s a lot at stake.  Which is why we so often engage Emily – in doing so we get an expert umpire who understands both sides of the legal arguments, lowers the temperature and works to bridge the gap.  We couldn’t recommend her more strongly.” – Partner, Plaintiff Firm

“Our firm has engaged Anna on a number of Court ordered mediations.  Anna is a very thoughtful, empathetic and effective mediator.  Anna assisted us in finding creative solutions to the problems in issue, by not just looking at the legal issues, but addressing other interests of the parties in an effort to bring about a commercial resolution.  Anna was very professional, respectful and accommodating during the mediation at all times and did not give up trying to help. I recommend Anna’s services wholeheartedly.”  – Partner, Plaintiff Legal Representative

“Priya is an outstanding mediator. Her background as an insurance litigation solicitor and reputation as an excellent litigator means that she has the necessary experience, knowledge and litigation nous to influence the success of the mediation process. From the perspective of a plaintiff lawyer, Priya is compassionate towards Plaintiffs, explains the mediation process clearly and concisely and, ensures that my clients feel at ease with the process. Priya’s ability to pivot to online mediation platform so promptly when the pandemic hit was flawless. Her mediation platform has been smooth sailing and efficient.” – Practice Group Leader, Plaintiff Firm

“Excellent work Jonathan, thank you. Well mediated as to process as well as issues.”

“Thank you for the professional way you conducted the mediation, Francesca. Once you helped us to clearly identify the issues between us, it became easier to negotiate and resolve the dispute.”

“I just wanted to reach out to you to once again, Rob  and thank you for allowing us to reach what we consider to be a reasonable outcome in our matter. From our position we have learnt a great lesson from the process as a whole, and will use this experience to ensure that will not find ourselves in a similar position.” – Director of National Dry Cleaning Group

“It is always a pleasure to work with Emily.  She brings a fresh and dynamic approach to mediations.  She is always prepared and thorough no matter what the subject matter (or the personalities involved!) and works tirelessly to broker a resolution between the parties.  I would recommend Emily as mediator in all manner of insurance related matters.” – Partner, Defendant Firm 

“Priya is invariably well prepared and across the key issues in any dispute. She has a great mediating style. She is skilled at dealing with difficult personalities and potential road-blocks in negotiations, which is such an important skill for a mediator.” – Managing Partner (Melbourne), Defendant Firm

“Both my client and I thought Anna was outstanding. Extremely quick to grasp the facts and great skills to reach an agree outcome.” – Partner, National Law Firm, Representative for Respondent

“I have already been singing Jonathan’s praises to some of our other lawyers “around the water cooler” as a recommended mediator.”

“Thanks Rob for helping to get the parties to reach settlement. I’m convinced that a firm commercial mediator was necessary here and I’m happy you were the one. I appreciate that you share opinions in strong reality testing; that’s what got us there.” – Plaintiff’s lawyer

Priya is a natural when it comes to mediating! She is always professional, well prepared, relaxed and just delightful to deal with. I have used her countless times and truly believe her skills help to deliver the best results in often difficult situations. I find her to be very effective with dispute resolution. I also think she has a very genuine touch when putting my clients at ease with the process. I highly recommend!” – Lawyer, Plaintiff Firm

“We found David to be knowledgeable regarding the relevant law and to have prepared well in respect to the materials and the issues at hand. This was useful in assisting the parties deal with relevant matters in resolving the dispute.”

Emily has a relaxed and professional style.  She brings a genuine desire for dispute resolution with a sense of balance and humour.”  – Plaintiff Counsel, Victorian Bar

“On behalf of the golf club and myself, a quick note to say a very big thank you for last night, Rob

 The manner in which you conducted yourself and the session were excellent, not to mention the outcome, which I thought was terrific.”President of Golf Club

​​“Enthusiastic and well-prepared, it’s always a pleasure mediating with Priya. She is able to create the perfect environment for amicable, robust and constructive discussions between the parties, which inevitably creates a foundation for compromise and resolution. She actively uses her career experience to put herself in the shoes of the participants and appreciates their respective pressures and demands. It makes all the difference having a mediator who truly understands the area of law and the issues parties are facing.” – Associate, Defendant Firm

Anna was incredibly professional and respectful and dealt with a challenging situation extremely well, offering excellent suggestions along the way.  I was supporting a very nervous client who was suffering financial and emotional distress and anxious about the process.  Anna put her at ease and worked with us in a calm and compassionate way leading my client to express how lovely she was and how much confidence and assurance it gave her. I have attended many mediations but was particularly pleased to have Anna for support and guidance on this one.” – Director, Retail Industry Group Representative

David struck the balance of being assistive, but impartial. He conducted the mediation with integrity and his knowledge of litigation, and the court process, was critical in putting the issues into perspective. I would highly recommend David.”

Priya is highly regarded in the industry. She has a no-nonsense approach and rolls up her sleeves to get the job done.” – Partner, Defendant Firm

Emily displays patience, tact and empathy as a mediator that coupled with her personality, quickly allows her to gain the confidence of the parties and their lawyers. I have engaged Emily to act as a mediator in matters where the issues in dispute create significant emotion for the parties. Emily has facilitated a respectful and safe environment that has considerably assisted the parties to hear and appreciate each other’s positions with her adaptability and perceptiveness significantly assisting the parties to achieve a settlement.

Emily is not a mediator who simply goes through the motions rather, she is an active listener who senses the dynamics and momentum during a mediation that coupled with her ability to think laterally, has directly facilitated settlement of matters where the parties had all but given up. I have recommended Emily to my peers and colleagues for appointment as a mediator whether of matters before the courts or pre-litigation where undoubtedly, Emily’s skills as a mediator will create the best possible opportunity to achieve a settlement.” – Partner, Defendant Firm

“I thought the mediation went extremely well and all of the parties owe thanks to you for the way Jonathan managed things. I will be very happy to recommend you as a mediator and to include you in my personal list of people who I know can do a very good job in my area.”

“I very much admired the masterly way in which you broke the deadlock on “bidding against yourself”. Well done Rob.” – Partner of National Law Firm

“Again, you sprinkled your magic on everyone and made it happen. You know, I think you were born to be a mediator, Priya.” – Special Counsel, Defendant Firm

Anna was extremely professional and flexible and took the time to put in a great deal of effort and extra work required in order to help the mediation move in a positive direction and ultimately find a resolution that was not only agreeable but in our opinion a resolution that satisfied both parties.

Achieving a resolution in these types of matters in the current climate surrounding COVID19 is quite difficult however Anna’s hard work and determination helped both parties achieve a great result.”  – Director, Property Manager

Priya is a mediator of choice for medical negligence matters. Her strong background in medical law, attention to detail and effective communication skills makes for quality mediations and early opportunities for resolution in complex matters. She also has the ability to expertly navigate sensitive matters and facilitate sensible discussions. Having used Priya as a mediator for a number of years now, I would highly recommend Priya for complex personal injuries matters.” – Senior Associate, Defendant Firm

“I was absolutely certain my case would never settle when the court ordered us to go to mediation, but I couldn’t have been happier and more relieved when it did settle. Thank you so much Francesca for your tireless work and patience in encouraging us to keep engaging with each other until we found a sensible solution.”

Jonathan was very professional with an excellent manner conducive to assisting in settling this dispute.”

Priya has mediated my matters for the past 3 years and I cannot recommend her enough. She exudes professionalism when dealing with my clients and naturally facilitates discussions between both parties when we reach an impasse. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her often ensuring that parties continue negotiating beyond the day of mediation to reach settlement. Priya is always my go-to mediator on my files.” – Lawyer, Plaintiff Firm

Rob, you Mediated our grievance with our friends from a few years ago. Since then we have slowly rebuilt our business and over the last 18 months or so, things have never been better.

 I often speak about you and the impact that you had. Without your work, who knows where we would be right now!” – MD of Transport Company

“Whilst our client would naturally have liked more, David did a great job in explaining & carrying it all through.”

“Our firm has engaged Anna for numerous mediations.  Even when the process did not resolve the dispute, Anna ensured that the process was useful – giving each party a chance to be heard, identifying the issues and exploring options. Anna dealt with all matters, lawyers and clients with professional good grace and candour.” – Partner, Defendant Legal Representative

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you, Priya,  for your recent mediations. It is so beneficial and anxiety reducing to know that you have both sides in mind and are really willing to go above and beyond to make sure both sides are being heard and respected when the offers are dragging or maybe not coming in.” – Lawyer, Plaintiff Firm

“It was good to meet you yesterday, Jonathan. Your mediation style was greatly appreciated and certainly provided for a sensible outcome to be reached by the parties. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future mediation requirements that I may have and will recommend you to my colleagues.”

“Thanks for your patience and commitment Anna. You have done a great job, without you we would not have reached agreement.” – Director, National Hotel Chain

“Days like today you feel as though you’re fighting your clients as much as the other side so it’s good having a sensible and experienced Mediator like David there to assist in the process that is seeing reason in matters like those.”

“We would like to personally thank you for the tremendous support, patience and most of all your professionalism in handling our case, Rob. Without your expertise and clear explanation, the execution would have become a lot more complicated.” – Tenant in retail lease dispute

Priya’s hard work and dedication has been instrumental in resolving complicated matters. She has certainly made her mark on the mediation sector with her above and beyond approach. A go-to mediator who will always put the effort in and be available throughout the entire process.” – Director Legal Services (Major metropolitan health service)

“Really impressed with Jonathan’s technique. Will be recommending you strongly to my partners for future mediation work.”

“This court case weighed very heavily on me (and consequently on my family). I will always be grateful for the way Francesca handled the mediation so the (other party) and I could calmly talk it out and agree on a settlement rather than financially ruining each other. Thank you.”

Priya is always well prepared, has a great rapport with practitioners and their clients and is a very effective mediator. In addition during the recent lockdowns she has managed all technical issues relating to online mediations extremely well. I would certainly recommend her services.” – Special Counsel, Plaintiff Firm

Jonathan, I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a masterful job as Mediator yesterday.

I was very impressed that you were able to so sensibly cut through to the essence of the arguments and keep pushing the matter forwards towards a common sense resolution.

I felt a lot of confidence in you throughout the mediation session.

Although it would seem that this is the expected role of a Mediator, it is actually quite a skill. I think the fact that you mentioned that you also have past practical commercial experience has provided you with a common sense perspective that others lack.”

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