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KATO Talks

Mediation is both our business and our passion.
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KATO Collective launch

KATO Collective launch

September sees the launch of Kato Collective, a curated list of industry leading mediators whose areas of expertise are as diverse and comprehensive as the experiences they bring with them.

Online Mediation: levelling the playing field and balancing out emotions

Before 2020, online dispute resolution (ODR) was rarely utilised as face-to-face mediation was the preferred norm.
Negotiation Skills

Exercising Your Brain to Better Communication

As lawyers we often rely on our “brain power” to get us through those difficult negotiations and our physical health (and exercise more specifically) is what allows us to maximise its performance.
Negotiation Skills

How Unconscious Bias can “leak out” in mediations

Lawyer beware: how our Unconscious Bias can “leak out” in mediations.
1 minute read
Negotiation Skills

Suggestibility as the New Growth Mindset

One of the biggest problems we face in negotiations is our own failure to move from a perspective that no longer best serves our needs. An ability to change our perspective is a form of Growth Mindset that I like to call, “suggestibility”.
30 second read
Negotiation Skills

An Exercise in Remembering The Bigger Picture

Many of us have chosen careers that are serious in nature - that play an important role in the lives of others. How then, do we separate our ego from that role? To learn to take our service seriously, but not ourselves?

The Power of Acknowledgement

Can the feeling of success be achieved through the ‘power of acknowledgement’?

Does Success Depend on Others Failing?

A mediation I recently conducted and an article referred to me by one of my Harvard lecturers, David Hoffman, has provided some interesting insight into the way we experience success and how it may be harnessed.
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