KATO Collective launch

September sees the launch of Kato Collective, a curated list of industry leading mediators whose areas of expertise are as diverse and comprehensive as the experiences they bring with them.

Founded by passionate and renowned mediators, Emily Barnes and Anna McRae-Anderson, the Kato Collective was designed to fill a void in the legal market – a single place where lawyers, corporates and individuals can go to find an experienced career mediator to help them navigate their way out of conflict.

Expansive and innovative thinking is at the core of dispute resolution, and the creation of Kato Collective brings those concepts into practice not just for our clients but for our Collective members.  Kato Collective is founded upon true collegiality and knowledge sharing – the fundamental ideology that mediators are a community of communication experts and that when they operate as such, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Founding Member, Emily Barnes.

Courts and businesses are increasingly turning to mediation as an effective and efficient method of resolving both complex and emotionally challenging disputes.  However, no dispute is the same as another, which is why it is important for clients to consider which mediator is the best fit for the problems they are trying to overcome.

Mediators require a very different set of skills to that of advocate or representative. They must be able to hear what is not being said, think beyond the pleadings and the law, whilst understanding both the commercial and human elements to each dispute.  This is what Kato Collective mediators know and practice every day.” Founding Member, Anna McRae-Anderson.

For our mediators, “Kato” is symbolic.  It references the strongest type of clay available.  One that is mouldable, flexible and easy to work with – whilst delivering long lasting professional results.  Like the Kato Collective mediators themselves.

We invite you to take a look at the breadth of the Kato Collective experience by visiting the website www.katocollective.com.au which showcases the profiles of mediators who share the Kato ethos.  We are certain you will see many familiar faces, as Kato mediators truly are experts in the field of dispute resolution.

Mediators ~ Moving the Immovable


Emily Barnes

Emily is a highly experienced and well-regarded mediator with over 1000 mediations conducted over the past 7 years. She has sat at every seat of the negotiation table (lawyer, client and mediator), and brings unparalleled expertise to difficult conversations, and people.

Anna McRae-Anderson

Anna has a knack for helping parties find creative commercial solutions. With over 20 years commercial dispute resolution experience as both mediator and ex-litigator, her vast understanding of the law is harmonized with her practical intellect and compassion for those in dispute.

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