Emily Barnes

Founding Member, Mediator


03 9607 8445


Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Online


Emily is passionate about the work that she does and it shines through in her tireless and compassionate engagement with parties throughout the mediation process.

Emily is known for her fearless approach to conflict and clear communication skills when unpacking complex problems so that parties may remain calm and focused on their path out of conflict.

Conflict is an integral part of the process of learning what is important to “other” – which in turn, allows us to understand what we need to do to get what we want.  Conflict is not something that we can avoid, which means that collectively, we need to get better at navigating the path through. Intrinsic to this process is choosing a mediator that can guide the way.

Emily’s mediation practice is Dewberry.


  • Advanced Mediation, PON
    Harvard University
  • IMI Certified Mediator
    International Mediation Institute
  • Advanced Mediator
    Resolution Institute
  • Neuroawareness Certification
    Resolution Institute
  • Accredited Specialist in Mediation
    Law Institute of Victoria
  • CINERGY Conflict Coaching
    Resolution Institute
  • Bachelor of Laws (hons)(LLB)
    Griffith University


  • Australian Mediator of the Year Finalist
  • Women In Insurance (Vic) Leadership Award
  • University Medal
  • Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence
    2003, 2004 and 2005

Articles by Emily

Negotiation Skills

How Unconscious Bias can “leak out” in mediations

Lawyer beware: how our Unconscious Bias can “leak out” in mediations.
1 minute read
Negotiation Skills

Exercising Your Brain to Better Communication

As lawyers we often rely on our “brain power” to get us through those difficult negotiations and our physical health (and exercise more specifically) is what allows us to maximise its performance.
Negotiation Skills

Suggestibility as the New Growth Mindset

One of the biggest problems we face in negotiations is our own failure to move from a perspective that no longer best serves our needs. An ability to change our perspective is a form of Growth Mindset that I like to call, “suggestibility”.
30 second read
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