Negotiation Skills

Suggestibility as the New Growth Mindset

Is suggestibility the new Growth Mindset?

I was in a yoga class recently and the teacher gave the instruction “keep your joints suggestible” – meaning, not locked, not loose but supported by the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

And it got me thinking….if my joints are healthier when suggestible, perhaps my mind would be too?

Not locked in outdated views, causing micro injuries to the holder through lost opportunity. Not loose and unstable and easily led astray. But rather – willing to try new directions and ideas from the safety of a strong foundation of values and appropriate boundaries.

May your minds (and your joints) be suggestible today.

Happy Negotiating!


Emily Barnes

Emily is a highly experienced and well-regarded mediator with over 1000 mediations conducted over the past 7 years. She has sat at every seat of the negotiation table (lawyer, client and mediator), and brings unparalleled expertise to difficult conversations, and people.

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Negotiation Skills

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